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Parachute System Design, Manufacture and Consultation



We at Aerial Delivery Solutions, LLC provide consulting, development, and manufacturing services for parachute systems. Some of our other services include small batch prototyping and build to print. We source all of our materials from the United States and only use those that meet or exceed PIA and MIL specifications.


We are a small company that has the capabilities of a larger organization without the bureaucracy that slows down innovation. We have the ability to quickly manufacture, cut, and sew prototypes for a short turnaround, high paced project.

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Our Company
Cosulting Services

Consulting Services

  • Program Management

  • Parachute system design

  • Stress analysis

  • Technical writing

  • Technical drawing

  • Technical review

  • Manufacturing process planning

  • Quality process planning

  • QPL qualification assistance

  • Testing process planning

  • Training process planning

  • Subject Matter Expertise

Confidentiality is our most important priority when dealing with our customers in a consultation role. We understand and take intellectual property concerns very seriously. 

Parachute System Development

Parachute engineering personnel at Aerial Delivery Solutions, LLC have experience in developing parachute systems with capabilities ranging from 10 pounds to 40,000 pounds, altitudes up to 104,000 feet and speeds in excess of 230 knots.

Working with Life Support International we were part in the development of the UNIPAC III Search and Rescue system which is designed to deliver a twenty person life raft and provisions from an aircraft bomb bay at 230 knots. This system has been qualified to drop from a P8-A aircraft.

Life Support International UNIPAC III SAR System

SpaceWorks Enterprises RED-4U Capsule

Aerial Delivery Solutions, LLC in partnership with Earthly Dynamics Corporation has developed a low weight/low volume guided recovery system that was demonstrated on the SpaceWorks Enterprises RED-4U capsule in October of 2021 from 104,000 feet. With a follow up demonstration being performed in 2022.

Aerial Delivery Solutions has worked with the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Soldier Center Air Drop Directorate for twelve years. Our work has helped to develop and test glide modulation systems for guided para-foils and has recently completed the AAIRDUCT JCTD program in 2021.

Accuglide 580 in flight

Parachute System Development


Our manufacturing facility is a total of 3,000 square feet with a wide range of sewing machines. We can build most parachute parts to include:

  • Ram Air parachutes

  • Round parachutes

  • Deployment bags

  • Pilot chutes

  • Pack trays

  • Bridles

  • Harness systems

We have invested in automation where possible to increase efficiency and quality in all products that we build.


As a small company we are able to adapt to small quantity build to print or prototyping projects quickly.



Aerial Delivery Solutions has experience in planing, organizing and executing test programs. We can develop test plans customized to the requirements of the system. Provide us with the following specifications:

  • System Type (free fall, static line, ballistic, guided, other)

  • Payload mass specifications

  • Desired Altitude

  • Desired Airspeed

  • Video Requirements

  • Documentation Requirements

Aerial Delivery Solutions will provide recommendations on how to best complete the testing required and how to proceed in achieving a successful test program.



Test Drop of UNIPAC III from B-25 Bomb Bay


Our Accomplishments

Click on the links below to see some of the things Aerial Delivery Solutions has been involved in.

October 2019 UNIPAC III in NAVAIR News

November 2020 RED-4U Recovery System Testing


May 2021 Airdrop Technology Demonstration at US Army Yuma Proving Grounds

October 2021 RED-4U Space Cargo Recovery and Precision Landing

November 2021 UNIPAC III in SOFREP Article

April 2022 RED-4U Awarded Second Test By NASA


Dedicated company with over 50 years experience in aerial delivery equipment solutions.


Aerial Delivery Solutions LLC is a privately held company in Kissimmee, FL and is a single location business. Established in 2009 by Frank Deazley and Scott Hilton, both highly experienced in airdrop design and component manufacturing. They set out to explore and develop new systems and methods for aerial delivery solutions.



When working in the parachute industry, quality has to be 100%. Our systems are used in a wide variety of applications.
Dynamic Capabilities

A small company with the capabilities of larger corporations, without the associated bureaucracy and costs.

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USA Sourced Textile

All of our materials are sourced from right here in the U.S.A. and carry all vendor certifications and test reports.

Rapid Prototyping

Our manufacturing team has the ability to quickly prototype your design and consult with you regarding their findings.

Build to Print

We have an in house design team with the ability to plan and build to your design.

PIA and MIL Specifications

All of our materials are purchased to PIA and MIL specifications and standards and meet Berry requirements.

Government & Commercial

We do consulting, development, and testing for Military, space, and commercial applications.

Our Location


Tel: 1-407-720-6233

3601 Commerce Blvd. Suite A

Kissimmee, FL 34741

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